Bray Box

Projects for Young Artists

Simple Coil Pots

Learn how to make coil pots to use as a pencil cup, toothbrush holder, jewelry container, a flower pot and so much more!

Animal Wall Decoration

Using your imagination, take a simple shape like an animal, truck or flower pot and turn it into a delightful wall hanging.

Starfish Bowl

Learn another approach to making a dish using soft slabs and your hand as a template.

Course Description

Young artists will enjoy this course that demonstrates three different projects. We welcome artists with or without prior clay experience and who are eager to learn! This introductory course is designed to give young artists between the ages of 8–13 a hands-on, educational and artistic experience using clay sculpturally. Participants will learn fundamental sculpting techniques such as coil building, pinching and handbuilding with slabs to create functional and non-functional work. Content includes three demonstration videos, a tool list, project worksheet and suggestions for further application.

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Enjoy (3) different projects!

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